Renewable Energy Systems

Electricity generating systems that use renewable energy are eligible for up to $5,000.

Renewable energy systems rebate

Systems generating electricity

Systems collecting solar thermal energy


Apply for rebate

  1. Complete and sign the renewable energy rebate application.
  2. Attach required documentation:
  3. Submit rebate package to Energy Solutions Centre


What size system can I install?

The maximum capacity of renewable electrical generating systems varies depending on your lot and the electrical infrastructure serving it. Many residential properties in Whitehorse and other Yukon towns have a limit of 5kW for the inverter (the array may be larger). The Micro-generation program allows up to 50kW systems for lots with a higher limit.


What will it cost?

The cost per watt installed ranges from $2.75-4.00 for grid-tied residential installations and costs range from $1.75-3.50 per installed watt for larger grid-tied systems. Battery-based (off-grid) systems cost 2-4 times that of grid-tied systems due to the high cost of batteries and other additional components such as charge controllers and back-up generators.


How much energy can I generate?

Yukoners can expect to generate about 900-1,100 kWh of energy per year for every 1 kW of system capacity installed. For example a home with a 5 kW system will generate an estimated 4,500-5,500 kWh per year. That is about 50% of the average Yukon household annual consumption,  assuming no electric heat. Download our solar calculator to estimate savings.


Sell your surplus energy to the Yukon grid

For grid-tied systems, once you become a client of the Micro-generation Program, your surplus energy is sold back to the grid. For a home with a 5 kW system this could amount to $300-800 annually. Download our solar calculator to estimate payments for your surplus energy generation.